Dear lord…

So, the hell that has been my thesis proposal is essentially over. Getting mine approved took a few weeks longer than usual because I got FUCKING SANDBAGGED BY MY GODDAMN BOSS DURING MY PROPOSAL. But whatever, I’m (somewhat) over it now that I have a project that’s been approved by my committee. The project is damn near impossible and almost certainly not going to work, but it’s better than not having a project. I’m still going to have to throw out 8 months of research, but I still think things could somehow be worse.

For the first time in years I’m actually making time to have fun and meet people. I’ve been going on freaking boatloads of dates the past two months and am loving the chance to go out and meet new people. I do feel somewhat bad for the first half-dozen or so of the women I went out with since I was still just working out the awkward out of my system. Never going on a real date as an adult will do that to you. I was FULL of awkward. Like, to the brim. Okay, not that bad, but it wasn’t pretty. Sorry, first six or so ladies, I really am.

But even though research isn’t going well I’m not letting it bring me down since life in general is actually quite enjoyable. I still have a few friends who either can’t or won’t see the world this way and that is really beginning to rub me the wrong way. I’m just now beginning to realize that happiness is largely a choice for those of us fortunate enough to be in our situation. I mean we’re doing bleeding-edge medical research at one of the best freaking labs in the field, in one of the best cities in America, and we’re getting fucking PAID to get our degree. This is, of course, a very rosy view of our current situation, but it’s one that helps change a possibly shitty situation into one that is at least tolerable.

So, life is decently good and I’m happy. That is all that really matters right now.

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I’ve wanted to write lately and I will get back to it soon, but I had to not write for the last week for a number of reasons surrounding grad school happenings that have been less than fun. I’ll get into details later. Glorious details no one cares about but the people I know, but are still preposterous and that I have to get out for therapeutic reasons.

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Almost to the finish line

My thesis proposal is righteously and repeatedly kicking me in the cock. However, it will all be over with soon and I can get back to writing for this thing once in a while.

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I really need to stop drinking

Specifically, I need to stop drinking like I’m 20. I’ve had at least three nights in recent memory that I really don’t fully remember (so, should that be “memory”…?), the most recent of which I may have slept with someone from my program. Oops? Ah, whatever, it’s all good and I assume we’ll still be cool.

More than anything, I just don’t understand how I was physically capable of pulling off sex. I was a full three sheets to the wind, and thought it was a dream until she said goodbye when she left this morning.

I, on the other hand, didn’t really wake up until 2fuckingPM. Yeah, it was one hell of a night. One I really need to stop having. Too old for this shit.

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On dating

So it may sound a bit weird coming from a dude who’s turning 29 next week, but I have no idea how to date. Consider, I was with the same woman from circa 20-21ish until (technically) 28 and missed the entirety of what would be considered a prime dating time of my life.

Fuck it, I’m making up for it with… INTERNET DATING!

Seriously though. Best. Thing. Evar.

If you are even moderately attractive (which I consider myself to be) and slightly more intelligent than retarded (also me) and you send out enough messages then you’re bound to get some great replies. I’ve been at it for a little over two weeks and Chicago has turned from work and school city to fuckin’ date city overnight. I am nothing special and I’ve had dates for the past 5 days. Well, technically, 4 since I had to reschedule one, but I could have had one a night for the past 5 nights. And these chicks aren’t just randos, but seriously intelligent and attractive women.

I think some of ’em have gone well so far. I do feel bad for the first few ladies though considering how awkward I probably was, but I’d like to think it’s not so bad now. The last two dates were actually pretty good and I’d like to see both of them again. The women couldn’t be more dissimilar though (an exaggeration, but whatever, fuck you). Wednesday night was a 23 year old shorter, curly-haired brunette nursing master’s student with a rack almost as amazing as her music taste (and it was an AMAZING rack). Tonight my date was a 35 year old, tall, thin, redheaded graphic designer who was clearly just all kinds of awesome. The date went really well and I’d like to see her again too, but this is where my inexperience comes in. I have more dates with other chicks next week, and considering how I’m only getting better at this I’m not sure what to do anymore. I barely know how to handle one woman, let alone multiple at any given time and I feel as though I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

You know what? Fuck it, this is what being (relatively) young is about. Ladies. Ladies all over the place.

This year is going to FUCKING ROCK!

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Totally forgot about my blog for the longest time. I’m not sorry.

Grad school has been kicking my ass and post-divorce Chad has just started dating again, so the combination has really wreaked havoc on anything that could be considered “blogging time.”

But I am really getting deep into my thesis project, so I will be talking more about that in the near future if anyone is interested in the cellular physiology underlying Parkinsons Disease. If you are, cool. If not, join the club of not giving a shit like everyone else.

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$1.50 a day

There’s a challenge that’s been gaining traction lately to bring attention to malnourishment of those living under extreme poverty. The challenge is to live on just $1.50 worth of food per day for just 5 days. I pay more for coffee every day, but I feel this would be a good exercise to begin to understand just how bad millions of people across the world have it.

However, I want to kick this up a notch. I plan on doing the 5 days, but I really want to do 14 for a number of reasons. First, just to see if I can. I like challenges, and since food is remarkably important to me I would simply like to see if I have what it takes to not starve for two weeks while doing this. Second, I want to save money. I’ve been spending way too much the past few months and this would be a great excuse to not have to do that for two weeks (and I’ll drink less, which will be great for me). Finally, a forced change of perspective from time to time is never a bad thing. I already feel for the plight of the poor, but this may take me over the edge and finally do something to truly help them. Maybe. I am a piece of shit, so no guarantees.

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