First real post

I’ve had blogs before, several, in fact.  Deadjournal, blogspot, something else I can’t remember, but now I’m trying to turn a new leaf.  You see, I’m applying to grad school and figure now would be a good time to start a new blog where I actually apply some thought to my posts.  For me that means that posts will come few and sometimes far between due to my nature of over thinking and rewriting.  As my title says, this blog will not only be about neurons, but I will try to keep it on a science based track.  You may have well guessed by now that the grad programs to which I’m applying are neurobiology based, but I have many interests outside that narrow field that I would like to dive into.

But first, a little about me (for some perspective).  I’m a 25 year-old midwestern dude who is currently going about some pretty drastic life changes.  I’m married, kinda.  That whole situation is something I’m not currently going to go into in any depth, but I will soon just to get it off my chest.  I got my BS in Zoology at Michigan State a few years ago and decided it would be a good idea to take some time off, get my life in order (that worked out well…), and figure out if I could do biology for a living and still love it before applying to grad schools.  At least I did most of those things and my life isn’t in total shambles.

I’m currently a lab tech for the University of Chicago’s Department of Medicine.  Well, I used to be a lab tech, now I just do paperwork maintaining the mouse colony and occasionally troubleshooting molecular biology.  I hate my job.  The less I’m in the lab the more I hate my life and now I can go for days without doing any bench work.  The real crime here is that I’m fucking amazing at bench work (humble, I know, but I really am); it’s where my anal retentiveness, extreme organizational skills, and great education come in very handy.  The only reason I’ve stuck around for so long (long being a very relative term) is because I really like some of the people I work with, but they are slowly leaving and now the ratio of people I like to people I don’t has begun to shift.  Oh well, I’m leaving in late summer or early fall regardless of whether I get into a grad program so I guess I can just continue to suck it up until then.  Don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t get into a grad program, but I just can’t stay any longer than that.  I think I’ll get into a program though; Northwestern only had my application for two weeks before asking me to come for an interview (Jan. 22-23rd baby!).

Now I’m going to crack a beer and continue being lazy for the rest of the night.  Rock.


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