Interesting times

I have boxes all over the apartment, but I’m not moving.  However, my wife is moving out Monday.  Still not sure how I feel about all of this.  I know it will be best for our relationship, but what may be good for our relationship may spell the end of our marriage.  Even if that is the case and we do end up getting divorced our circumstances will be about as good as it gets: no kids, few assets, me starting something completely new, and both of us being happier.  That last one is the best part of all; I just hope that’s actually what happens when she moves.  I think it will.

Now all I have to do is finalize my faculty list for the Northwestern interview later this month.  I’m having difficulty coming up with the two lists I need to compile due to the fact that the vast majority of people I’d like to talk to about my future grad plans are in the downtown Chicago campus.  The problem is I need four people to talk to at the Evanston campus and all I can come up with is one, maybe two.  Fuck.

Oh well, if that’s the biggest problem I have now then I have it pretty damn good.  Question is: is this the biggest problem I have right now?


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  1. I hope the separation goes well — it sounds like it will be for the best. Better to split now than to wish you did later on.

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