Provisional Knowledge

I’m not sure about you, but I have considered everything I have ever learned to be provisional.  Maybe that’s what drove me to science.  You see, science is self-correcting.  Yes, it may be wrong about some things, but it’s very essence allows (and actually rewards) for the correction of those instances.

By contrast, look at someone who is an HIV/AIDs denialist or Intelligent Design Creationist.  Such a person has made up his/her mind and is unwilling to change that view even in the face of overwhelming evidence.  Instead, people like that seem to take pride in their ignorance (the arrogance of ignorance) and are therefore at complete odds with my most basic idea of how knowledge should be aquired.  I think it’s a built-in problem; failing at failure.  If you do not understand why you are wrong then it just makes being (and staying) wrong even worse.

Surprisingly, that’s not a bad segue into a large part of the reason my marriage failed (or is failing depending on how you look at it).  Though I love my wife I was never able to get over the fact that she never admitted mistakes while my very nature made me fess up to failed logic and actions.  While I was fine with that quirk of hers at first it slowly began to piss me off and really come to resent that aspect of her personality.  I told her many times how I felt and yet it never got better.  Then again, I didn’t change either, so I guess I can’t hold that against her.

(wow, this post was not nearly as coherent as I thought it’d be.  oh well)


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