It could be worse, I could be on fire

So I’m about as fed up with everything as I can possibly be.  I can’t trust the experimental results from my coworker but I somehow have to because I don’t have time to do them myself.  I may lose my job in mid-February.  I hate my job (but oh well, may not be a problem soon).  But most importantly, my wife keeps blaming ME for problems that are OUR collective faults.

Oh yeah, and I was rejected by half of the schools I applied to the day I went to the NU interview.  Awesome.

It’s times like this that I feel like joining the Marines and just learning how to blow the shit out of stuff professionally.

Now I’m just going to sit back, suck it up, and wait the two weeks until I hear back from NU.  Hopefully, it’s good news.  It’s a good time for my favorite phrase when shit just isn’t going my way: it could be worse, I could be on fire.


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