Best day in a long time

I’m not sure exactly why good and horrible things tend to happen to me in groups.  The obvious drawback to this type of life is when crap happens because when it does, oh boy, it’s a shit storm.  However, days like today more than make up for the shitty ones.

I thought it was going to be another bad day in the lab because, well, every day is a bad day in my current lab.  Early in the day my roommate from the Northwestern interview sent me a facebook message saying they called him Monday night and told him he was accepted into the program.  Previous to that message I was nervous as hell (due to two of my four schools rejecting me, and failing to hear back from a third).  AFTER that message I was literally shaking a little bit.  I emailed the administrator in charge of the program asking her if there was any information she could give me about their decision.

Minutes later I got a phone call; I was accepted.  All was right in the world.  Now it didn’t matter that I was getting laid off because the Chief of Medicine said he could get me a temp job in his lab if I got into grad school to tide me over until school started.  So, now I have a guranteed job and a spot in one of the best neuroscience programs.  Good, eh?  Oh, it gets better.

Soon after learning of my acceptance I got another email.  Turns out Stony Brook is interested in me as well and wants me to come for an interview on the 27th.  Free trip to New York?  Sure, why not.  I can actually take two sick days off for the interview since I have over two weeks worth of sick days I’ve accumulated working for UChicago.

And to top everything off I learned that my best friend (I have two actually, but I’m talking about Jared) is no longer single.  It’s apparently not a full-fledged relationship, but it’s certainly better than nothing and I’m incredibly hopeful for the guy; if anyone deserves a good woman he does.  Then I check my mail as I returned home from work (after leaving early) and noticed a wedding invitation from two college friends I’ve been waiting to get married for years.  Now I really can’t wait for March 28th.  Hot, single chicks roughly my age mixed with a ton of alcohol sounds amazing to a guy in my situation.

Days like this almost make me believe in a higher power.  Wait, no they don’t.


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  1. Whats the opposite of when it rains it pours? When it rainbows it…pours…too?

    ps. Apparently if the world didn’t suck a little bit, we’d all fall off?

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