Hopefully a new direction

Okay, I’m done celebrating my grad school acceptance; time to get back to work. Originally, this blog was going to be more “sciencey.” Part of the reason it hasn’t been all that sciencey is simply due to the fact that I’m really not in science anymore; I do basic lab shit and nothing more.

Not any longer though! Chances are good tomorrow will be Black Monday for a lot of UChicago hospital employees. Like most situations this has both benefits and drawbacks. The drawbacks are obvious so I won’t go into them, but there are a few benefits worth noting. For one, I will have more time to write the blog. That means fleshing out some old ideas I haven’t quite got around to thinking fully through. It also gives me more time to review old neurobiology material I’m going to have to know for grad school. I’m also going to have to study for the GRE again. Fuck. Not the general test, that I’ll never have to take again, but the biology subject test is required for applying to this very good National Science Foundation graduate fellowship. Oh well, I’d better get used to studying again with grad school coming up in August.

So, all in all, things could be much worse for me. Honestly, I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about mice anymore. Now I can get back into science! Yay! Expect more random rambling with a little bit of science thrown in for flavor in the near future.


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