Finally broached the subject with my wife last night.  It was a shitty week for both of us, so I took some vodka and cranberry juice over to her place to cheer her up last night.  We talked and talked about everything, and about ten drinks in (and technically valentines day) I finally broached the subject of divorce.

It was incredibly difficult and yet very healthy for our relationship, but most importantly both of us are on board.  Now I’m actually looking up info on how to get a divorce in Illinois while sitting at home on a Friday night getting a little hammered.

Interesting times…  Only going to get more interesting, that’s for damn sure.



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2 responses to “Divorce

  1. maybe you hit the real meaning of valentine’s day right there…nothing about flowers and chocolate and maybe about being okay with your lot in love, regardless of what it is.

  2. You could be on to something.

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