Recipe – Science style!

Now that I’m unemployed I find a lot of time to cook, so I think I may begin sharing my favorite recipes.  They will be given in the standard scientific protocol format: reagents (ingredients) and protocol (instructions).  Why?  Because that’s just the way I am.

This first dish is a Latin American style chicken and rice, meaning it will turn out like a very wet risotto.  A delicious, very wet risotto.  Warning: this makes a lot of food, easily enough for four people (it takes me a few days to polish off by myself).

Arroz con Pollo Cubano

1.5 c short/medium grain rice
1 c warm water
pinch saffron threads (at least a dozen)
1 t paprika (sweet, hot, smoked, doesn’t matter – use your taste)

2 slices thick sliced bacon
5 cloves garlic
0.5 – 1 green bell pepper
0.5 – 1 red/orange/yellow bell pepper
1 spanish onion
2 t cumin
1 T paprika (same as above)

0.25 c tomato paste
1 lb. boneless skinless chicken thighs – 1″ chunks

1 pilsner-style beer (12 oz)
2 c chicken stock
juice of 0.5 lime

1. Place the rice in a medium-sized bowl
2. Stir the saffron threads and paprika into the warm water
3. Add the water to the rice and give it a quick stir. Set aside.

4. Cut bacon into a small dice (freezing makes this easier)
5. Add bacon to large pot over med-low heat and begin to render
6. Cut garlic, bell peppers, and onion into a small dice.
7. When bacon has rendered increase the temp to medium to crisp it up
8. When bacon is to your level of crispiness add the diced veggies from step 6
9. Add a big pinch of salt and cook your sofrito for 10 min
10. Add cumin and paprika and cook for another 2 min

11. Incorporate tomato paste into the sofrito
12. Add chicken to the pot and reduce heat to med-low
13. Cover and cook for 15 min, turning chicken twice

14. Add beer, chicken stock, and lime juice to pot
15. Taste and adjust salt content
16. Raise heat to high
17. When pot begins to boil add the entire contents of the rice bowl
18. Stir and wait for the pot to boil again
19. When it reaches a boil reduce heat to low and cover
20. Cook 15 min, then remove from heat

21. Serve in bowls with a crusty bread
22. Eat


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