Another interview

I’m at another grad school interview on Long Island until Saturday.  This time around I’m not nearly as jittery since I’ve been accepted to one program already, though it is still going to be one hell of a day tomorrow.  It’s going to be intense meeting with seven profs in less than four hours.

The university had a car service pick me up and on the ~15 minute ride from the airport to the hotel and the driver was… interesting.  He struck me as a typical new yorker with his accent and all, but what really got to me was some of the crazy shit he was talking about.  Listen to some of these gems: “Big Pharma” has a “cure for cancer” but are purposing suppressing it, you can get 40mpg in a car no problem (his friend made a car back in the ’70s that did it), scientifically we should be 300 years beyond we are right now due to purposful suppression of inventions, he thought of virtual reality while smoking weed twenty years before it came out, and, again while high, he thought of the laser measuring devices thirty years before they came out (and, of course, he has blueprints for a better one).  All of that in about 15 minutes.

I didn’t want to argue, so I just kept trying to change the subject.  Dude was loving nuts anyway, there was nothing I could say that would have changed his mind.

I hope the rest of the trip goes a bit more smoothly.


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