The break-up

I just had to write a break-up letter.

It was to a graduate program, but it was still awkward.  They spent at least a grand on my trip out there and I spent two evenings with people in what could only be called a romantic setting.  It was a bit odd, but at least the food was good.

On a brighter note, now that my wife and I have essentially come to the conclusion that we’re getting a divorce our personal relationship has rebounded and we actually like one another enough that we can spend time together.  This is good since she’s moving back in due to financial reasons except this time it’s going to be more like a roommate instead of a wife.  Should be interesting…

Oh, and with this last grad school acceptance I continued my 100% interview to offer rate.  That’s right, I’ve never been on an interview and not been offered the job/position.  I know it can’t last forever and it’s only going to make it harder when the first rejection comes, but it’s nice for now.

Okay, back to writing real posts.


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