Improving science literacy – part 1

I just realized that I have a fantastic opportunity though this blog to spread the good word, of biology!  Part of my role as a scientist is that I am also an educator, so I will be educating anyone willing to listen about some basic biological concepts that will actually help you understand your world.  There are already plenty of explanations on the web of the things I will be talking about, but most of them are for scientists so I will focus on the nonscientist with a passing interest.

I have a few ideas already but I’m open to suggestions for future posts.  If you have any questions about biology, especially neurobiology, then I’m your man.  Other subjects I’m a little fuzzier on, so if I were you I’d rather just go to wikipedia.

It might take me a few days to write up these posts when I choose to do them, so be patient and you will be rewarded.

Now, ask away!


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One response to “Improving science literacy – part 1

  1. haha nice. I’m awful with names, and I didn’t know that carried over to blogging but apparently it does.

    As a 100% non-scientist, I look forward to the explanations!!!!!

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