A precarious situation

This is anecdotal evidence and I haven’t done any stats on it or anything, but I’ve noticed that the majority of bloggers are women.

There’s nothing wrong with this except for the fact that I’d like to see more guys out there writing about their lives, loves, and something else important that starts with an “L” that fits in with the previous two (I couldn’t think of a good one).  I’ve learned quite a bit about what goes on inside the head of women from reading a fairly diverse range of women bloggers and I think repaying the favor is the least men could do.  I haven’t exactly done this, so I think I’ll do my part right now with an impromptu post that will hopefully shed some light on the male mind for my female readers.  Men and women both, feel free to criticize or add to the discussion in the comments.  Now, on with the show.

—A precarious situation—

So here’s the abridged background.  Thought it would be a good idea to get married at the age of 22.  Three years later my wife and I decide to get divorced and she moves out of our Chicago apartment into a more expensive apartment.  She loses her job less than a month into her new lease.  We decide to live together in “my” apartment to save money even though we’re in the process of getting divorced.

Sounds like loads of fun, right?  One good thing is that I’m currently on vacation and staying at my parent’s house for a month, but soon I’ll be back living with my soon-to-be-ex-but-still-technically-current wife.  The tenuous part of all of this is that while I have made up my mind about the divorce I think she still believes in the recesses of her mind that it is salvageable even after our many conversations that ended in “this is not salvageable, we make better friends than spouses.”  So now we’ll be living together again, and that means human needs will need to be satiated.

Stereotypically, I have a problem with keeping it in my pants.  In fact, I have a tendencey to flat out lose my pants if I’ve been drinking, so typically the first thing I’ll do when waking up is check to see if I have pants on.  Yes, good.  No, fuck (this hasn’t happened while I’ve been married though).  The only problem is that now I’m going to be living with someone I’ve been with for years who has the same needs and desires I have but may think there’s more to it than just sex.  That’s not good for anyone, and yet I know there’s nothing that I can do outside of loping off my junk.  This is going to last until August when our lease expires and I find a new place to live and start over in grad school.

Dear god what have I gotten myself into?

And that, ladies, is the male mind.  Well, part of it.  You’ll get the rest at a later date.



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4 responses to “A precarious situation

  1. On the contrary, i found out that there is an equal number of male bloggers out there…and to add to the pleasant suprise ..there are quite a number of male bloggers writing on issues that I thought would have been ‘female only issues’..

  2. A perfect example of anecdotal experience leading me to the wrong conclusion. Looks like I’ll need to look around more.

  3. hahaha wow. this is weird, but there’s a girl in my grad class who’s been complaining about how she’s living with her ex-fiance. She caught him cheating last OCTOBER but doesn’t have the money to break the lease– which ends this summer. Now he’s dating the girl he was caught with while she’s still living there!

    I feel like you should write a book about your crazy living situation. And maybe I should introduce you to the girl in my grad class. heh.

    And, I think you’re right– there are more girls in the blogsphere. Then again, my favorite blogs are about cooking and knitting, so I may be biased. Despite the female domination I think you do have compadres out there somewhere.

  4. Holy shit, that certainly puts my situation into perspective. I can’t imagine how awful that would be.

    You laugh about the book and meeting your friend thing, but living six months with my ex-wife could certainly be book material, and knowing how dating goes at this stage of life I’m not going to turn down any potential future girlfriends 🙂

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