Wandering through medicine

I had this whole long post about the complications of medicine, but in the end decided I could sum up a very long post with a few simple lines.

1. You don’t know more than your doctor. No matter how good you are at Google searches YOU DON’T HAVE A MEDICAL DEGREE.

2. If there are legitimate, science-based, treatments then use them in place of alternative treatments. They’re alternative because they don’t work. You know what they call alternative treatments that do work? Medicine.

3. Your doctor really does want to help you no matter what anyone else may tell you.

4. Your doctor is not omniscient or infallible, but s/he is the best bet you have at staying healthy.

5. Like I’ve said before, modern medicine has become so good that we have begun to expect too much from it. Do we expect a single person (or even two or three) to know how the entire space shuttle works and be able to fix it at the drop of a hat? Then why do we expect a single person or even a small group of very intelligent people to figure out everything wrong with something significantly more complicated like the human body? It doesn’t make sense.

6. Medicine is harder than you know, so leave it to the experts.



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3 responses to “Wandering through medicine

  1. so… when the doctor says I should finish all the antibiotics he prescribes, I should listen?

    🙂 Just kidding. I won’t even get you started on that.

    I’ve been running into this new breed of Mom that seriously believes every doctor is trying to give her baby autism with the evil immunization shots. Wish they could read your post…

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  3. I’m relieved to know that doctors aren’t giving children autism.

    I’m reasonably convinced, though, that at least a moderate percentage of hired clowns at birthday parties are giving at least a small percentage of children herpes.

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