New recipe

So last night I just wanted to throw something together, so I gathered all the crap in my fridge I wanted, and needed, to get rid of, devised a plan to deal with them, then did it.

And it was heavenly.

I have no idea how it turned out so well, but it did. It’s not perfect (or fully written out yet) and I’m currently doing what I can to make it better, so I won’t post it quite yet but I will describe what it is. Essentially, it’s chicken thighs braised in a liquid of chicken stock, dry white wine, dijon mustard, thyme, and some aromatics. It was relatively quick, incredibly easy, and delicious.

Now wipe up that drool and eagerly anticipate the recipe 🙂



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2 responses to “New recipe

  1. I was thinking for a second that you were my dad. I was going to instantly ask for a paternity test.

    But then you said everything tasted good, so I knew you are NOT my father.

  2. that’s awesome!!!! I’m so jealous of people who can just “whip up” great recipes. Hope to be that good one day! Can’t wait to hear about the recipe!

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