Who cares?

Michael Jackson died and I don’t care.  Yes, he was a great entertainer who many people, but not me, cared about.  But what did he really do to deserve this public spectacle?  In my opinion we should mourn his death like it was any other and save our praise for people who have devoted their lives toward bettering those around them and by extension the human race.




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2 responses to “Who cares?

  1. There is a lot of freak out going on. Maybe this is a little far fetched… but I think everyone feels a little guilty for all the public scrutiny he endured. I mean, if you make a joke about MJ now, one that would have been perfectly ok a month ago, you’re seen as evil and harsh, because he’s passed away. But wasn’t it even meaner to say those things when he could actually hear them? I don’t know… maybe his music just didn’t have THAT much of an impact on me. But… while I can recognize it as the end of a Pop era, I really don’t think it deserves this media coverage and public debate. then again, who does. Maybe it’ll at least squash a little Jon & Kate…

  2. Or any of the other crap celebrity news…

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