And now for something completely different

I know I have been seriously neglecting this blog and I apologize, but since no one really reads it I don’t feel so bad.  I’ve just been getting ready to move (signing the lease, packing, painting, etc) and spending a ridiculous amount of time at work.

So, instead of some sort of thoughtful post I thought I’d post something about a longtime hobby of mine that has somewhat fallen by the wayside in the past two years.

I’ve always been a fan of music.  In some cases I have been known to get into “pretentious dick” territory, but only rarely and only under extreme circumstances.  Music is art and therefore mostly subjective (or purely, but I refuse to get into another art debate [from a family of artists]) so I tend to be somewhat opinionated.  Overall, I’m a rock kind of guy; I have Grunge flowing through my veins.  I swing from alt-country (pure or “true” country depending on who you talk to) to heavy metal and most in between.  In fact, the only genres I cannot stand are pop-country, gangsta rap, classical, and ska.  Oh god how I hate ska…

Even thought I’ve been a rock sort of guy the only thing that I never really got were bands fronted by women.  I don’t know why but they never really did it for me.  There are exceptions to the rule (Yeah Yeah Yeahs kick ass!  And Cat Power rocks as well) but they are just that, exceptions.  Does that make me a bad person?  Am I just missing some kick ass bands fronted by women?  You be the judge.

Anyway, in college I was picking up new bands left and right.  Now, not so much.  In order to remedy this situation I made a concerted effort last week to catch up on some of my lost time and also to listen to a bunch of music I’ve had for years but never really got around to listening to.  To commemorate this time I will now compose a very short list of some old and new music that I think pretty well defines my taste.  You have no idea how difficult it is for me to make such a short list, but I will try.

Jeff Buckley – All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun (live) (youtube)
Tool – Vicarious (youtube) (listen/download)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (youtube) (listen/download)
MGMT – Electric Feel (youtube) (listen/download) – awesome video
Kevin Drew – Backed Out On The Cocks (youtube) (listen/download)

That was way too hard, and if I look at the list any longer I’m just going to continue to change it over and over and never be fully satisfied so I’m going to post this and then forget about it.



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5 responses to “And now for something completely different

  1. #1 breaks my heart every time I hear it.

  2. It’s the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. Thanks for introducing it to me, I still remember it was after we saw some band (was it Ours?) and we stopped by your place in AA and you played it for me and Ry. Absolutely amazing.

  3. Mason

    That’s right. I think it was Ours – it was the only show that I know we all went to together. I couldn’t believe that you found that studio version of it with that other chick singer. I still think I prefer the live version. But, when it comes to
    this song, all versions are heads above just about any other song ever.

  4. Yeah, even though I was able to find the studio version I still find the live, solo version to be better.

  5. fun post 🙂 The yeah yeah yeahs are amazing! I’m always sad when I think about how much new music I was always finding in high school… and how now I never have time… I need to just get back on the wagon and find some new bands. I did just hear Kate Walsh, who’s lovely, and Honorary Title, a throwback to indie/emo high school music!

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