Happy with my decision

Of all the good that has been done to my life by the exclusion of cable TV in its entirety and limited access to the internet the best thing to come from it is my increased faith in humanity.  However, this is not a good thing.  You see, I’m simply fooling myself that Americans, and humans in general, are more intelligent than they truly are because I’m not exposed to their incessant stupidity on FOX News and similar programs.  They’re just as stupid as they ever were and arguably getting worse by the day.

This latest freak-out over Obama addressing the nation’s students made me want to scream.  It also made me happy that I don’t own a TV.  Ignorance is bliss.



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2 responses to “Happy with my decision

  1. My Mom had to sign a permission form so that my little sister could watch the speech. lol.

    TV, talk shows, pumped-up news stories… all depressing things that make you occasionally lose faith in people. blogs don’t do that, though! Well, as long as you’re reading the right ones…

  2. I had the most hilarious conversation with a Rogers telemarketer the other day.

    He was trying to convince me to buy some kind of cable package and when I replied that I didn’t need it because I (gasp) don’t watch TV, you should have heard him frantically shuffle through his sheets for an appropriate response.

    All he could come up with was, “…Oh…that’s…unusual.”

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