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No good, very bad day

Ever have one of those days? Rhetorical, I know, but those days just suck. I’m five minutes from the end of one of the worst days in recent memory. God damn wallet was stolen last night on the train. I thought I just misplaced it when I got home and decided to go to sleep and find it in the morning. Instead, I got a call from an anti-fraud agency who informed me someone was using my credit card to buy shit. So, after hours of trying to clear everything up (which I think I did correctly…) I’m still unsure of how to proceed. Could have been worse though, they only spent a few hundred before the cards were canceled. I’m not really worried about my credit or anything, it’s mostly just the hassle of getting new IDs and junk. I keep telling myself that things could be worse, I could be on fire.

Doesn’t change the fact that I hate people though.

This is gonna make SfN fun…

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Getting back into the fold

Well, I’m finally kind of back to normal. The craziness of school has died down a little but is still somewhat difficult. Honestly, the most difficult part of school is actually my lab rotations since they take up so much time.

Speaking of lab rotations, mine appears to be going relatively well all things considered. I was paired up with a new post-doc who isn’t very organized, complains a lot, and just isn’t my ideal type of person to be paired with. Fortunately, the lab is full of great people who help me out whenever I need it and are actually quite fun, so this lab is certainly in the running for my thesis work (having tons of money and equipment doesn’t hurt either).

Short post because I have to catch the bus to class.

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Older and smarterer?

It has only been two weeks since school officially began and I’m already overwhelmed. Not that this is coming as a surprise to me considering this is grad school, but it sucks nonetheless. I’m only taking a single fundamentals course and doing a lab rotation (though I do spend at least 30h/wk in there) and yet I’m still overwhelmed. Guess that the way it’s supposed to go though, at least from what I hear from the older classes.

Honestly, as hard as it has been I’m having a great time learning massive amounts of new information and techniques. Oh, I’ll still complain, but don’t listen to it because I’m having a great time.

What I’m not enjoying so much is turning 26 this weekend. Each year passes more quickly than the last and it terrifies me to think that I’m going to wake up one day as a 30 year-old grad student who still has a fucked up relationship with his “wife” and won’t have anything resembling a decent job in his future. Part of what upsets me is knowing I am older than most of the people in my class, and the ones who are my age already have M.S. degrees. Could be worse though, I could be on fire. Guess I’ll just have to go to a dive bar with my friends tomorrow night and celebrate the inevitable; I’m getting older and there ain’t shit I can do about it. Awesome.

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