No good, very bad day

Ever have one of those days? Rhetorical, I know, but those days just suck. I’m five minutes from the end of one of the worst days in recent memory. God damn wallet was stolen last night on the train. I thought I just misplaced it when I got home and decided to go to sleep and find it in the morning. Instead, I got a call from an anti-fraud agency who informed me someone was using my credit card to buy shit. So, after hours of trying to clear everything up (which I think I did correctly…) I’m still unsure of how to proceed. Could have been worse though, they only spent a few hundred before the cards were canceled. I’m not really worried about my credit or anything, it’s mostly just the hassle of getting new IDs and junk. I keep telling myself that things could be worse, I could be on fire.

Doesn’t change the fact that I hate people though.

This is gonna make SfN fun…


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