One year later…

Wow, it’s been a full year since I last posted. That is not good.

Really the only thing that has kept me from writing has been grad school. There is simply so much to do all the time (I’ve been at the lab for twelve hours at this point and I’ll be here for at least another two or three) that I’ve been putting off everything else in my life that I can to devote my time to research. I’ve been neglecting my wife, eating terribly, not exercising, and stressing over not getting enough data.

Finally, things have begun to turn around and progress is beginning to be made. I’m currently working on someone else’s project, but I’m also finding a little time to work on my own here and there. Good stuff, I think I’ve nailed down and reproduced some old data that gives me a little confidence that my project will be useful for the lab. Now I just need to justify it to a funding agency…

I’m not sure of how to proceed with the blog since I’m not fully sure of how much information I can/should divulge about my project or others in the lab, so I may just speak about the larger trends in the field. However, I will be writing more since I just desperately need an outlet to speak my mind outside of what I typically do: talk to friends over beers at the bar.

Get ready, it’s going to be a wild ride.


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