Ze Qualifier

So, the time has come. My grad school qualifying exam is quickly approaching and that fact has me shitting my pants. For those of you who are unaware, the qualifying exam (“comps” at some schools) is a comprehensive exam that is supposed to test knowledge that a graduate student should have gained in the first two years. Mine is a grueling two hour oral exam split up into two sections: fundamentals of (subfield of neuroscience) and research.

I’m worried about both sections and really have to begin cranking out data and setting aside study time. This means I’ll be spending even less time at home and more time away from my wife which will probably not end well for me… I’m already spending 60-70h/week at the lab and much of my time at home I spend playing with images, reading papers, and all that other grad school junk, so I’m not exactly sure how spending even MORE time away home will work out. I really just want the next few months to be over.


Oh, and I hope to still be in grad school by the end of it.


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