Finally something new

Updating this blog is going to be (somewhat) more frequent coming soon since I have, um, fewer responsibilities than usual and will for the immediate future.

A quick refresher of the boatloads of shit that has happened since the last update:
1. I was supposed to begin a rockin’ new project that would really help PD research.
2. The asshole who was supposed to teach me the technique necessary for said project has refused to teach me anything. My boss does nothing and even has the nerve to blame me for the failure of progress.
3. I fall into a workless hole for about two months where I just read papers and do random experiments.
4. I finally get my act together and bypass all the bullshit and am finally getting some research done.
5. I’m getting divorced. Yeah…

More on 1-5 at a later date. Taking a vacation next week to go home, visit family, and just think about shit for a few days so I can figure out what to do next.

And play some Mass Effect 3 of course.


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