Moving on.

I’m on vacation.  Mind you, it’s not exactly the vacation I had planned, but it’s a surprisingly good one nonetheless.

You see, about two weeks ago my wife and  made the decision to amicably split after 5 tumultuous years of marriage. Not gonna lie, that first week was brutal on me emotionally for a number of reasons, but in the end I never was and never could be upset with my wife for this. Doing what I usually do and taking a completely rational look at the facts it was hard (neigh, impossible!) to deny that this was in fact the correct decision for the both of us.

Thankfully, the split has thus far been about as good as a divorce can be. We’re still living in the same apartment, but I do plan on moving out as soon as possible. The real fun will begin when divorce proceedings are actually beginning to take place, we have to split our stuff, and all that other jazz associated with breaking up after a long time together. It could be much worse. We don’t have kids, a house, a huge bank account, or even really much stuff to fight over to begin with. And even more importantly, I still want to have some sort of healthy relationship with my soon to be ex-wife so I feel I have a duty to keep this as civil as possible as to not ruin our relationship entirely. I’m not expecting a miracle or anything, just happiness for both of us. If mutual happiness means giving up some stuff I like then I’m all for it.

Now it’s time to move on. Fresh start. Get my life back on track and somewhat in order.

Time to start kicking some ass. And maybe getting a little ass.


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