Feelin’ damn good

Dude, I really need to do this more often. All day I’ve just been chillin’ in Michigan as I catch up on news, check out the new neuroscience literature, look over old ideas and notes, make dinner for my parents, and end dinner with a decent discussion about healthcare and the philosophy of science.

Goddamn I love this type of freeform vacation. Now I’m taking it easy in a beautiful Herman Miller lounger, drinking a (albeit not great) domestic microbrew, in a spacious and beautifully designed house while I write this post.

Grad school may be a huge pain in the ass, but right now it seems a million miles away. Maybe I should do a little write-up about my newest proposal that will one day hopefully shed a little light on the etiology of Parkinson’s Disease and give science a new target in its prevention.

Interestingly enough, I’ve been told by a number of people, some of whom don’t know I’m getting divorced, that I sound happier now. I had no idea I seemed less than happy over the past few years, but it was apparently obvious to other people. Good to know. Now I just need to ride this upswing in my life and really take advantage of what it is offering.


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