Today was a good day

Outreach went well today. It was a tad bumpy early on and a few kinks needed to be worked out, but overall we got the kids engaged and (at least it seemed) excited about learning about their brain. This is very encouraging because to me that means that kids aren’t nearly as apathetic about learning as many people believe, but simply need to be engaged in a way that may require some teaching outside the normal curriculum.

Over the next four visits (spring break screws with our schedule) over the rest of the school year we have some really cool projects and experiments for them to do including the spikerbox which is an ingenious device that was the brainchild of two UofM graduate students who wanted to see if they could bring electrophysiology to the masses by producing a cheap (<$100) and simple to use device that kids and adults can use to explore neuron function with live tissue. It’s really something and these two guys really deserve all the praise the neuroscience community (in particular the YOUNG neuroscience community) has given them and more.

On a completely different topic, I did go on… something tonight. I don’t think it was a date, partially because it wasn’t intended to be, but also because it was just a drink at a nice bar. The whole “what is a date” thing weirds me out anyway. I went out with a cool woman tonight for a drink. It is what it is and that’s it. I hope it happens again.

I may like being single.


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